Book Club at St Marks

“Book Marks” started in 2010 as part of an effort to open the doors of the Church to more of the community, and it worked!  A core of 5 grew to 12. Over the years people have passed on or moved away, others have joined and currently we are a group of 10 readers.  We meet on the first Monday of the month; 10 months of the year and Crowborough Library supply the books.  We pay £4 per session to cover fees for the hall, library books and refreshments. 

We start the evening with tea, coffee, biscuits and a discussion of this month’s title. We then open the wine and go on to poetry which can be anything members choose to bring along - an old one, a new one, something they’ve written themselves.  Of course, there is plenty of chat on lots of subjects, but we always discuss the book!

It has always proved to be an enjoyable evening. If you would be interested in joining Book Marks, or would like to know more, please contact Jane Adams – tel: 01892 356090