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“We are committed to being a church that is centred on Christ, expects great things of God, allows the Holy Spirit to be at work within our lives, looks forward to all God wants to give us, and reaches out to the people around us. We know that God will expect great things from us within his love for us."

St Denys' Vision

A warm welcome awaits you at St Denys’ and St Mark's Churches.

As a Christian  community,  we seek to proclaim Jesus  Christ and his teaching in all that we  do:  in  our worship and the lives that  we live. We are here  to encourage  and support everyone to discover the joy of knowing God and engaging in service, prayer,  Bible study and worship at every stage in their lives.

We are delighted to be part of the wider community and many people in our congregations are involved in the various clubs and groups that are part of our life here.  We aspire to be a means of good for the life of our community of Rotherfield, Mark Cross and the surrounding area.

We are blessed with two beautiful buildings.  They are uplifting places whether you come to worship God or simply stop by for a minute to be still.  We appreciate that the buildings do not belong to us and that we are simply entrusted with them to pass on to generations to come. While local congregations help to maintain and finance the Christian ministry it is the responsibility of the whole community in Rotherfield and Mark Cross to maintain these important community facilities.  

St Denys'

  St Denys' Church, Rotherfield

 Open for visitors from approx 8.30am - dusk in the         winter months (Oct to Mar) and 8.30am - 5pm in the     summer (Apr to Sept).

St Mark's

St Mark's Church, Mark Cross
St Mark's Church is part of Mark Cross Community Centre which is not open, unless individuals or groups have made a booking. You are most welcome to visit when there is a Sunday Service.

Puppet Tree

  St Denys' and St Mark's are pleased to be home to the     amazing Puppet Tree. Look out for news of when they'll   next be performing in the 'What's on this week' tab.

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