“We are committed to being a church that is centred on Christ, expects great things of God, allows the Holy Spirit to be at work within our lives, looks forward to all God wants to give us, and reaches out to the people around us.
We know that God will expect great things from us within his love for us." 

St Denys' Mission Action Plan - March 2013

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St Denys' St Denys' Church, 

Open for visitors generally 
from 8.30am - dusk 
in the winter months 
(Oct to Mar)
and 8.30am - 5pm
in the summer (Apr to Sept)

St Mark's
St Mark's Church, 
Mark Cross

St Mark's Church is part of Mark Cross Community Centre which is not left open, unless individuals or groups have made a booking. You are most welcome to join us and visit, when there is a Sunday Service.

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As a Christian  community,  we seek to proclaim Jesus  Christ and his teaching in all that we  do:  in  our worship and by the lives that  we live. We  try  to encourage  and support people in their lives  through  service, prayer,   Bible study and worship.

We are delighted to be part of the wider community and many people in our congregations are involved in the various clubs and groups that are part of our life here.  We aspire to be a means of good for the life of our community of Rotherfield, Mark Cross and the surrounding area.

We are blessed with two beautiful buildings.  They are uplifting places to worship God.  We appreciate that the buildings do not belong to us.  We are entrusted with them and whilst the local congregation help to maintain and finance the Christian ministry at St Denys' and St Mark's, we feel it is for the whole of Rotherfield and Mark Cross.  They can come and be part of us as much as they feel able.

A warm welcome awaits all who visit into St Denys’ or St Mark's Church.

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Go to our FAMILY HISTORY page 

or email


for more information on how to trace your ancestors at St Denys', including downloadable files listing graves, inscriptions and location of burial.

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St Denys’ Church have signed up to easyfundraising.org.uk as another way of raising money.  Click on the logo above and sign up to help us.  Through this website, you can help raise money for St Denys’ when doing your online shopping. There are 3,100 shops and sites to choose, from shopping at Amazon, holidays, insurance, clothes or groceries from your local supermarket. Please help us and let others know!


Friday 11th October

09:00 Melody Makers @ St Denys’
14:00 Autumn Brunch Set Up
            @ St Denys’
19:00 Choir Practice @ St Denys’

Saturday 12th October 

10:00 Autumn Brunch and Crafts
            @ St Denys’

Sunday 13th October
- 17th Sunday after Trinity 

08:00 Holy Communion (BCP)
            @ St Mark’s
10:00 ‘St Denys’ Day’ Communion
             @ St Denys’
18:00 Taize Style Worship
             @ St Denys’

Monday 14th October

20:00 Bellringing Practice
            @ St Denys’

Tuesday 15th October

St Denys’ will not be open for visitors or available for use by church members today. The church will be allocated for the sole use of Mark Cross School as the staff and children come to visit, as part of their school work.

08:30  Church Admin Meeting
             @ St Denys’
19:00 Rehearsal for Sing & Tonic
            Concert @ St Denys’

Wednesday 16th October

08:30 Annual Boiler Maintenance
            @ St Denys’
19:30 St Denys’ PCC Meeting
            @ St Denys’

Thursday 17th October

10:00 Housegroup @ Babbington
            House, Church Road
11:00 Housegroup @ 33 Court
            Meadow Close
14:00 Safeguarding Meeting
            @ The Rectory
14:30 Craft Group - Citrus
             Pomanders @ St Denys’
20:00 Housegroup @ 33 Court
            Meadow Close

Friday 18th October

09:00 Melody Makers @ St Denys’
19:00 Choir Practice @ St Denys’

Saturday 19th October

14:00 St Denys’ History Tour for
            Woodbury Park & Tunbridge
            Wells Cemeteries @ St Denys’

Sunday 20th October 
- 18th Sunday after Trinity 

08:00 Holy Communion (BCP)
            @ St Denys’
10:00 Shorter Communion with
            Crèche @ St Denys’
11:15 Holy Communion with
            Sunday Club @ St Mark’s
18:00 Choral Evensong (BCP)
            @ St Denys’


Forthcoming Social and Fundraising Events

Thursday 7th November - Soup Lunch @ St Denys' 12:30