Flowers at St Mark's

During this period of interregnum, we are currently having just two services a month at St Mark’s Church. We will be continuing to decorate the church with floral arrangements (except during Advent and the Lenten period when the Church of England discourages them).

Flowers at St Marks Flowers at St Marks

The main body of St Mark’s is now used as the Mark Cross Community Centre where the heating is often quite high. To keep flowers as fresh as possible between services, the arrangements are often moved into the side chapel (The Margaret Walter Room) during the week.

Flowers at St Marks Flowers at St Marks

Anyone interested in helping to decorate the church during the main Christian festivals such as Easter, Harvest or Christmas would be very welcome. 

Please contact Jill Kitchenham by email:

Flowers at St Marks St Marks Flowers

Link to Flower Guild at St Denys'