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Renewal of Giving – February 2024


We all love our church – the church family here that we belong to, our lovely church building, all the life and activities of our church and our mission to tell people of the God who loves them so much and Jesus who came to earth and died on the cross for each one of us. It’s important to us that our church continues to be here, to be a warm, welcoming place within this beautiful, ancient building and to reach out into the community.

Our need

To be that living and active place, the church needs funds and for this it relies on the generous giving of our church family. Our budget plans for 2024 show that we will need £80,127 for the year to keep our church running – that’s £1541 every week. Some people think that we get this from the Diocese or from the Church of England, but no, we have to find all this money ourselves. The bulk of the church’s income comes from the faithful, regular giving of our church family. We are so grateful to those of you who give regularly, faithfully and as generously as you are able.

Our response

Near the beginning of 2024, it’s a good time to think about our giving. This is the start of what we are calling our Renewal of Giving. We have just a few weeks when we reflect upon what God has so generously given us, what the needs of our church are and what we can commit to giving in response. Some of you may remember that we did this in

2022, just under two years ago. The time has come round again.  You won’t be surprised to know that the cost of keeping our church going increases year by year, just like our household expenses. Unfortunately for us here at St. Denys our income is going in the opposite direction. You may be aware that we have lost a number of our church family as they have so sadly passed away, or moved away – including our Rector. Losing some generous givers gives our finances a big hit. Unfortunately we don’t save money by not having a Rector at the moment – savings due to vacancies are spread across the Diocese.

We do need to appeal to you all to consider your giving. What we so badly need are those who are prepared to give on a regular monthly basis and to stretch themselves a little to give as much as they possibly can – to give treasure back to God. So if you don’t currently give regularly, perhaps you could consider beginning to do so; if you already do this, thank you so much, you are the mainstay of our income and we could not manage without you. Perhaps you could consider increasing your giving as much as you are able.

And as always, if you are giving to the limit of what you are able, we understand this too.

Contents of envelope

Our Renewal of Giving is a positive and exciting time as we see how God is working through us to meet our needs and our mission. We have an envelope for everyone to take away. It contains a leaflet for you to read, setting out our position and breaking down our needs to a weekly figure. There is a letter from Adam with his special message. And there is a Promise Card for you to fill in letting us know what you are able to commit to for the coming year. Hopefully these will all make sense, but if you have any questions, please do ask. We ask you to read what’s in the envelope, to pray about it and to complete and return the Promise Card – there will be a box at the back of the church for you to put it in, or you can hand it to me or James or drop it through our letter box at 33, Court Meadow Close. Please do complete it, whether you are starting, continuing or changing your giving – we want everyone to feel part of this act of commitment.

Recent transfer to Parish Giving Scheme

Of course we are very aware that we have just asked many of you to transfer your giving to the Parish Giving Scheme – and thank you so much for doing this. Some of you used this as a moment to re-think your giving. If this Renewal of Giving feels hot on the heels of that, we apologise. But please, if you don’t mind, still join in this church family act of commitment for 2024 and complete the Promise Card. Let’s do this together.

Key dates

The deadline for returning your Promise Card is Sunday 3rd March. Then we’ll have a bit of time to collate things before announcing the result of our Renewal of Giving, with a suitable fanfare, on Sunday 17th March!

Thank you so much.