Rogation Sunday

The Sixth Sunday of Easter  is traditionally known as “Rogation Sunday” in the Church of England’s calendar of festivals.

The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the following week are known as the “Rogation Days,” days for fasting and prayer. The Thursday of that week is the feast of the Ascension, which comes on a Thursday, the 40th day after Easter (when Easter Sunday is counted as the 1st day). 

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What does “Rogation” mean?

“Rogation” comes from the Latin noun rogatio, meaning “asking” (the verb is rogare, “to ask”).

How do we celebrate Rogation Sunday?

On Rogation Sunday, instead of a regular 10am service inside the church, we hold an outdoor service where we visit locations around the church, village and benefice. As a rural parish, we mark this tradition is partnership with local farmers, celebrating the significance of work they do and their work in God's world. 

We will be visiting places that carry health and safety concerns. We would ask you to pay close attention to the environment we visit and ensure you take care on uneven ground, be aware of roads, and moving farm vehicles.

People are welcome to join us for part or all of the event as they are able. Shared transport is available.

The introduction

The service begins on the Green behind the church, beside the war memorial at 10am,

Reading: Job 12:7-10

Introduction to Rogation

Station 1

We then move to Station 1,  a 'Wild uncultivated place' - This is our managed Meadow area at the front of the churchyard. Here we remember God in the wild uncultivated places, and pray for help to protect the natural world.

Reading: Luke 12:24-27

Station 1 - A Wild Uncultivated Place

Station 2

From there we move on to Station 2 at Hosegrove Pond, 'Near Water', meeting approximately at 10:40am

Here we give thanks for precious water. We pray for areas of the world affected by drought, and ask for the inner spring of the waters of life.

Reading: John 4:13-14

Station 2 - Near Water

Station 3

Station 4 is at Stile House Farm, 'Looking out over Fields'. Here we ask for favourable weather, temperate rains and fruitful seasons, and for food and drink for all creatures.

Reading: Deuteronomy 11:13-15

Station 3 - Looking out over Fields

Station 4

Our final station is 'At A Farm'. We visit Renhurst Farm where we pray for the work of farmers, their equipment, animals and homes.

Reading: Psalm 23

Station 4 - At A Farm


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