Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals

Can I get married here?

If you live inside the parish, then YES.

A wedding at St Denys

There are a number of rules for whether people are eligible for a wedding at St Deny's or St Mark's. So, for full details, please contact the Rector on 01892 852536.

We also have a leaflet  to download which summarises the Church of England regulations.

Wedding Couple


For baptism of infants, children or adults, the best thing to do is contact our Assistant Minister.

There is a Application for Baptism form which also needs to be completed.

Funerals & Interments

Please also contact us for interments in the Gardens of Remembrance at both St Mark's and St Denys'.     

Regulations from the Diocese of Chichester for Gardens of Remembrance can be found here

Please be aware that the Diocese of Chichester do not allow permanent memorials in our Gardens of Remembrance.