We find it easier to produce our own material to fit in with the themes of the services rather than trying to find a suitable sketch elsewhere.  It also means that we can write specifically for the number of puppeteers we have available each month.

Here is a sample...



Fishing Club

Puppets and Biblical Costumes

The puppets we use were called Buddies Puppets and were supplied by The Puppet Company through retail outlets such as Puppets by Post However the original range as shown in the photographs on this website has been discontinued and replaced by a new style of Buddies Puppets. We also use puppets from One Way UK

Music and Musical Instruments

The music we use and most of the musical instruments for the band are also from One Way UK.  The grand piano has been made by our Props Maker using foam board and a hot glue gun.

 Puppet SketchTizzy playing the piano