21st JANUARY 2022

From next week when restrictions lift there will be no requirement to wear a face covering in our church buildings, although if congregation sizes are large we might suggest the voluntary use of a face covering.
Please also remember to be kind and loving to others when you are in the building. If they are wearing a face covering and would prefer and feel safer for you to wear a face covering when near to them then please do.

10th DECEMBER 2021

New guidelines have been issued nationally and by the Church of England. We are currently updating our Risk Assessments and Policy Document and there will be a new link to this shortly. Our decisions were guided by the the new guidelines and this message from The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally who leads the Church of England’s Covid Recovery Group.

She said: "As we look forward to celebrating again the coming of Jesus into our world, we can do so with hope.

"Few of us imagined when we first heard of the coronavirus at the beginning of last year that we would now be approaching our second Christmas of a global pandemic.

"The recent emergence of the new Omicron variant and the evidence we’ve seen already of its rapid spread is a cause of real concern.

"And while we are hugely thankful for the rapid development and mass rollout of the vaccines - and the current booster programme - there are important steps we should take now to protect ourselves and each another.

"As Christians we have a duty to care for one another, especially those who are most vulnerable, and the latest measures announced by the Government should offer some extra protection and reassurance for people.

"Caring for one another, sharing, hope, faith and most of all the knowledge that God is with us are at the heart of Christmas.

"This Christmas we will be coming together – whether in person or online – to worship God and celebrate his coming into the world as a human being like us.

"Amid all that we have been through together in the last two years that hope is as strong as ever."

The full details of the Benefice COVID policy updated 10th December 2021 can be seen HERE 

22nd OCTOBER 2021

On 25th July some restrictions were lifted. Congregational singing is back! Wearing a face mask will be up to each individual and an area will be provided for those who prefer to wear masks and social distancing. Hand-gel will still be used in and out of church.  Track and trace lists will no longer be taken, however, we strongly advise anyone displaying COVID symptoms not to visit church. If you have recently visited and then develop symptoms please inform us as soon as possible. 


How we receive Holy Communion was reviewed by the Ministry Team today and the decision was made to continue with the current practice of receiving in one kind only (bread) rather than re-introducing wine at this time. This decision was reached with the safety of everyone in mind. We will continue to monitor and review the situation.