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March 2019 

Shortly, we will enter the season of Lent.  Lent provides an opportunity for us to step-back from our usual busy lives and take time to reflect upon the approach of Easter and inwardly prepare for what is at the heart of the Christian faith; the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

As you re-read the gospel stories, you pick up a sense of a journey, a journey that Jesus took with his disciples to the great city of Jerusalem, the place where Jesus would express the extent of God’s great love for each one of us.

As we prepare, we contemplate at a deeper level its significance and what it might mean to us all these years later.  

The journey leading towards the events of that 1st Holy Week, despite Jesus’ warning of his imminent death, would not have been grasped, understood or accepted by those who travelled with him.

The disciples, or as they are sometimes referred to, his followers, were doing just that: Following!  Wherever, Jesus went they followed and as they did so, they learned.  In fact, this appears to be the key means by which the disciples learned.  The best way for many people to learn is to ‘do’ rather than just sit down and read or think about a topic.

For us approaching Lent an important question for us to contemplate is: How can I find God in the everyday world in which I live?   The answer that Jesus gives is, ‘follow me.’ 

I remember hearing the story of a father and son.  It had snowed and the father had walked into the garden to begin to make a snow-man.  The son followed his father and when the father looked back, he saw only one set of footprints.

The son had followed his father and placed his feet exactly where his father had trod; no mean feat, for the son had to stride much further than he would normally do; effort and concentration was called upon.

In a similar way for us to follow Jesus, means stepping where he trod; again, effort and commitment is required – sometimes outside our comfort zone.  As someone suggested by moving out of my depth, I quickly discover I’m in his depths, and realise I’ve learnt something new. 

However, as mentioned, it is as we ‘do’ that we discover the presence of God in our lives: Love others, especially the ones whom it is more challenging to love.  Forgive, which is something that always sounds easy until you have to do it.  And live life to the fullest, which often demands effort, courage and the willingness to take the focus of ourselves, instead looking to where we believe Jesus is and then following.