August 2020 

This months newsletter comes from our Curate, Rev Sandi Wickens

We’ve all lived through an incredible amount of change during the last few months and will continue to for some time yet. It’s not only our circumstances and way of life which have changed; it’s each of us too, which is unsurprising when you think about it because human beings were created for change. We began our lives as a few cells and grew to a moment of taking our very first breath, circulating oxygen around our bodies independent of the umbilical lifeline which had connected us to our mothers. We revel in the change we see in babies and children as they grow up, marvelling at their latest developments – a new ability to move, or smile. Perhaps a new word or noticing how they have grown since we last saw them. And then into adulthood different changes – knowledge, character and skills, the list goes on. Often we don’t see the changes in ourselves but only become aware of them when others point them out to us. Pause a moment and think about how you have changed recently... 

I’ve laughed with friends about our hair growing longer (greyer!), met people on Zoom I never imagined and together we’ve learned new skills, passing on hints and tips for how to access previously unknown ways of communicating. We’ve learnt patience as we’ve queued to shop and appreciated the small things we previously took for granted in a new way. At one point the Thursday evening applause was the highlight of my week as I saw and spoke with our neighbours at a safe distance and heard their news. It was so good. As you can tell I’ve been thinking about change a lot (well haven’t we all I guess?). 

By the time you read this the doors to St Denys’ church building will be open again and people will be able to gather in a small way to worship God. When the doors closed back in March and the church left the building to be dispersed into the places we live, God was not left behind locked in the building (unlike Nigel the other day when I inadvertently locked him in – ask us and we’ll tell you the story!). God is everywhere all of the time. He’s not confined to particular buildings or even, we might think, to particular people. Wherever we go, God is always there first, ready to meet us as we arrive – take a look at what Psalm 139 says. One of the names in the bible for Jesus is Emmanuel, which means God with us. Jesus was, for the few years of his life on earth, God actually with us, living as an ordinary man amongst ordinary people of his time.  When Jesus was preparing his disciples for his returning to heaven, he promised not to leave them as orphans, alone. Jesus promised to send his Holy Spirit to be with them always (John 14). And though we’ve been through much change lately, God and his promise to always be with us remains the same. God does not change. God will always be with us wherever we are because he is constant in the change. When all around us is changing and uncertain we can reach out to God who will hold us steady in every circumstance of our lives.