April 2022 - Sandi

Love in action
Yesterday (16th March) the final four van loads of boxes full of all the donations that poured into St Denys’ went on their way to help refugees from Ukraine. Each and every single box is an expression of our love and compassion for people caught up in the war. It has been extraordinary to see how generously you have responded in giving items which had been asked for, as well as your time and hard graft to sort and pack the boxes, and over the last week to load the vans. This has been love in action. Of course, for everything which is seen to be happening there is much which is unseen which quietly goes on; giving via various organisations, praying for everyone involved and for peace, and the many ways in which people are dreaming up challenges to fundraise. This is love in action.
Some in our community have pledged hospitality to Ukrainian refugees by registering their offer with The Sanctuary Foundation This is love in action. While we may not all have room in our homes to offer there will be opportunities to support local people who have with various needs that might arise. Already one host, needing bedding and furniture to welcome and make comfortable three refugees, has received everything on their wish list plus offers of additional help and support. This is love in action.
Later in April, as we enjoy Easter in many special ways with our families and friends, love in action will be at the heart of our celebrations. On Good Friday Jesus’ love for each one of us in action will be remembered; his willingness to suffer and die on a cross so that our relationship with God might be restored. And on Easter Sunday we’ll celebrate Jesus’ love in action some more. Love which burst through the power of the grave as Jesus rose from the dead. Love which gives hope that death is not the end of all we know. Love which brings hope for each one of us of an eternal life immersed completely in God’s love. God’s love is both life changing and life giving. May we each know and experience God’s love for us in action this Easter.