November 2021 


In a world where you can be anything be kind

Or as Jesus put it, two thousand years ago, love your neighbour as yourself. Thinking back to our time in lock-down kindness was very much in the air as we looked out for and helped one another. Stories abounded at that extraordinary time of communities like ours pulling together to get food, medicines, and other supplies to people in need. We all pulled together to simply get through the unknown. These were the good news stories which were a salve to the news of the pandemic and gave a glimpse of future hope for humankind.


Today, while recognising that for many lock-down hasn’t ended because of a health issue, life is looking a little more as it used to. It now seems to me that although we still occasionally see or read good news stories of local heroes going the extra mile and helping others out the reporting of kindness has fallen from our daily newsfeed. I’m sure that this is in no small part because there is more news to report now that business and everyday activity is flourishing again but I wonder whether there is as much kindness in the air now as there was then. Having come across these two signs this week perhaps others are wondering he same? Is there as much time and room in our lives for kindness now that we have become more busy working, volunteering, and taking part in groups and clubs? Do we still have time and room in our lives to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to understand all that is going on in their lives?


In a world where we can be anything may we be kind as we consider other people’s circumstances and needs before we call to have ours met. In a world where we can be anything may we be kind and grateful as we recognise and cherish the gifts of others being shared with us. In a world where we can be anything may we choose to love our neighbour as ourselves. Kindness 2