St Denys' and St Mark's Joint Benefice

  • The Rectory
  • Mayfield Road
  • Rotherfield
  • East Sussex
  • TN6 3LU

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“We are committed to being a church that is centred on Christ, expects great
things of God, allows the Holy Spirit to be at work within our lives, looks
forward to all God wants to give us, and reaches out to the people around us.
We know that God will expect great things from us within his love for us." 

St Denys' Mission Action Plan - March 2013

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 St Denys' Church,

Open for visitors generally
from 9am - dusk in the winter months (Oct to Mar) and 9am - 5pm in the summer (Apr to Sept).


 St Mark's Church,
Mark Cross

Open for visitors generally
from 8am - 4pm/dusk in the
winter months and until 6pm
in the summer.

As a Christian community, we seek to proclaim Jesus Christ and his teaching in all that we do: in our worship and by the lives that we live.  We try to encourage and support people in their lives through service, prayer, Bible study and worship.

We are delighted to be part of the wider community and many people in our congregations are involved in the various clubs and groups that are part of our life here.  We aspire to be a means of good for the life of our community of Rotherfield, Mark Cross and the surrounding area.

We are blessed with two beautiful buildings.  They are uplifting places to worship God.  We appreciate that the buildings do not belong to us.  We are entrusted with them and whilst the local congregation help to maintain and finance the Christian ministry at St Denys' and St Mark's, we feel it is for the whole of Rotherfield and Mark Cross.  They can come and be part of us as much as they feel able.

A warm welcome awaits all who visit into St Denys’ or St Mark's Church.

Angel Festival

to download Benefice Service Rota
for Nov 2015 - Jan 2016
(last updated 16th Nov 2015)



Notice Sheet
to download this weeks Notice Sheet and details of our Christmas services

Angel Festival Week @ St Denys’

10:30am - 4:30pm everyday

Sunday 29th November

08:00 Holy Communion (BCP) @ St Denys’

10:00 United Benefice Morning Prayer @ St Mark’s

18:00 Music and Readings for Advent @ St Denys’

Monday 30th November

13:30 Family Service Planning Meeting @ 33 Court Meadow Close

20:00 Bellringing Practice @ St    



Tuesday 1st December

10:00 Housegroup - contact Clare for 



Wednesday 2nd December

09:15 MC Jolly Tots @ St Mark’s

10:30 Holy Communion (BCP) @ St 



Thursday 3rd December

11:00 Housegroup @ 33 Court

         Meadow Close


Friday 4th December

20:00 Puppet Rehearsal @ St Denys’


Saturday 5th December

10:00 St Denys’ Christmas Fair @ 

         Rotherfield Village Hall


Sunday 6th December

08:00 Holy Communion (BCP) @ St 


10:00 Family Toy Service with 

         Baptism @ St Denys’

16:00 Christingle @ St Mark’s

18:00 Light Up A Life Service @ St 


Forthcoming Social and Fundraising Events

Sat 28th Nov (week of) - Angel Festival @ St Denys'
Sat 5th Dec - St Denys' Christmas Fayre @ Rotherfield Village Hall

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