Sunday 7th September

08:00 Holy Communion (BCP) @ St Denys'

10:00 Family Service with Puppet Tree @ St Denys'

11:15 Family Service @ St Mark's

18:00 Evening Communion @ St Denys'

Notice Sheet

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Family History

Click here if you wish to research family history amongst the Rotherfield burial plots.

Puppet Tree

We are always looking for more people to become involved. Training given. Click here to find out more.

Bell Ringers

We are always looking for more people to become involved in Bell Ringing.
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We are always looking for more people to become involved in the choir.
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St Denys' Church

St Denys Church

Welcome to the St Denys Church, Rotherfield  website.

We do hope you find what you are looking for, if not please do not hesitate to contact us.

As a Christian community at St Denys, we seek to proclaim Jesus Christ and his teaching in all that we do: in our worship and by the lives that we live.  We try to encourage and support people in their lives through service, prayer, Bible study and worship.

We are delighted to be part of the wider Rotherfield community and many of our congregation are involved in the various clubs and groups that are part of our life here. We aspire to be a means of good for the life of our community of Rotherfield and the surrounding area.

We are blessed with a beautiful building.  It is an uplifting place to worship God.  We appreciate that the building does not belong to us.  We are entrusted with it and whilst the local congregation help to maintain and finance the Christian ministry here, we feel it is for the whole village.  They can come and be part of us as much as they feel able.

We hope all who venture into St Denys’ Church will receive a warm welcome.

St Denys' Church
Church Road
East Sussex

Click here for more pictures of the external lighting on the CES website.
Click here for a display of the internal lighting.